Total Solar Eclipse

Hungary, 11 August 1999

Here are the first results from our eclipse tour to Hungary.

The Morning

Leaving Siofok at 4:15 AM
On the road: miserable weather at 7:00 AM
Heading back: finally there is hope!

Setting up

My solar eclipse photos were shot with two cameras:  
The site: a field near Mezöszilas, Hungary
My setup
The Siófok Three waiting for totality


The Diamond Ring (1/30 s)
Prominences (1/60 s)
The corona (composite image, 1/4 s - 2 s)
Eclipse Mosaic (click on the image to see a larger version)

After totality

For some after-totality pictures (and some excellent totality shots), check out Debbie Dyke's home page.

Eclipse movie

Finally: an eclipse movie assembled from still frames, with intermediate images interpolated using xmorph.
Click here to download (caution: this is a 1.4 MB file).

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