North America and Pelican Nebula (HaRGB)

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Instrument Minolta 2.8/135 mm lens, stopped down to f/4
Camera Starlight Xpress SXV-H9
Mount Losmandy G-11
Filter Astronomik Ha (13 nm FWHM) and RGB; B frame with IDAS LPS filter to suppress UV light
Guiding ST-4 autoguider
Date 04/05 Aug. 2003
Exposure time Ha: 3x30 min, RGB: 2x7 min each (2x2 bin)
Site near Baruth, Brandenburg, Germany
Processing Bias, dark frame and flat field correction: IRAF; color composite: Gimp
R channel replaces by 80-20% blend of Ha and R, as described in an article by Rob Gendler

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