Globular Cluster NGC 5139 (w Centauri)

To the naked eye, the largest and brightest globular cluster in the sky looks like a diffuse 4th magnitude star. It was Edmond Halley who discovered the true nature of this object. With approx. 5 million solar masses, NGC 5139 is also the most massive and luminous of all known globular clusters in our Milky Way. The view through a 12" telescope equipped with a Nagler eyepiece is simply breathtaking!

Instrument Vixen R200SS 8" f/4 Newtonian with coma corrector
Mount Vixen Super Polaris DX
Guiding ST-4 autoguider
Film Kodak PJ400, hypered
Date 15 Feb. 2002, 00:03 - 00:31 UTC
Site Campground near Sesriem Canyon, Namibia
Image # 2002-01/32

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