The Rising Emu
(Southern Milky Way between Carina and Scorpius)

One of the most impressive celestial sights is the rising of the southern Milky Way between the constellations of Carina and Scorpius. To the Australian aborigines, the prominent dust lanes are known as the "Emu".The famous Coal Sack near Crux forms its head and beak, while its neck stretches past a and b Centauri into Norma and Ara. From mid-southern hemisphere latitudes it rises straight from the horizon in the evening hours of March and April. Click here for a higher resolution image (650 kB).

This 4-frame mosaic was assembled using a technique developed for the Milky Way panorama.

Instrument Minolta XD-7 camera with 1.7/50 mm lens, stopped down to f/3.5
Mount Vixen Super Polaris DX
Guiding ST-4 autoguider
Film Kodak PJ400
Date 18/20 Feb. 2002
Exposure time approx. 30 minutes each
Site Hakos Farm, Namibia (Feb. 18)
Farm road near Garies, Northern Cape Province, South Africa (Feb. 20)

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